Any person can wield any weapon, but learning to use that weapon effectively to employ special skills and techniques requires training in the appropriate combat class. When wielding armour you are not proficient with, you are unable to take advantage of its inherent stat bonuses.

Weapon BonusesArmour bonuses

Small Arms 50 lux Easy to use armament intended for close range combat. These can take the form of daggers, knives, cestuses, gauntlets, katar, shuriken, ninjato, war fans, and other small weapons.
Swords 100 lux Standard issue military weapon. Versatile, but requires some training to use. These can take the form of short swords, long swords, scimitars, rapiers, katana, and other swords.
Axes 100 lux Close range weapon intended to inflict grievous wounds. These can take the form of war axes, battle axes, war picks, sickles, and other short hafted weapons.
Bludgeons 100 lux A blunt weapon used to penetrate armour. Sometimes used by religious soldiers to minimize bloodshed. These can take the form of maces, batons, clubs, flails, and other blunt weapons.
Polearms 100 lux Weapons designed to maximize reach in melee combat. These can take the form of lances, spears, javelins, halberds, glaives, naginata, scythes, quarterstaffs, and other long pole weapons.
Guards 100 lux Defensive weapons meant to reduce damage inflicted upon the wielder. Used to deflect attacks. These can take the form of bucklers, shields, pavises, bracers, scabbards, parasols, and other protective weapons.
Bows 150 lux Ranged weapons which fire arrows or bolts at great distances from taut strings. These can take the form of shortbows, longbows, recurve bows, compound bows, crossbows, arbalests, and other bows.
Firearms 200 lux Extremely long range weapons. Small bore ammunition is launched with the combustion of gunpowder. These can take the form of pistols, rifles, blunderbusses, muskets, culverins, and other guns.
Foci 300 lux Small, precious charms held to channel energy and protect the wielder. These can take the form of crystals, pendants, rings, effigies, alchemy gloves, orbs, and almost any small, precious object.
Scripts 300 lux Written mantras or words that help to focus the wielder when channelling energy. These can take the form of tomes, scrolls, grimoires, o-fuda, spellbooks, and other text-based channelling weapons.
Scepters 300 lux Ornate poles of various lengths that serve as conduits for energy. These can take the form of wands, rods, staves, and any other channeling  pole weapon.
Light Armour 1000 lux Light armour is comprised mainly of cloth or furs. It offers little protection when equipped but will enhance the wearer’s energy restoration.
Medium Armour 1000 lux Medium armour is primarily composed of leather or hide. It offers some protection while allowing the wearer to retain mobility.
Heavy Armour 1000 lux Heavy armour is made of segments of metal and offers plenty of protection for the wearer.