The vestige  has always been filled with both magnificent and mundane creatures, but four of these species distinguish themselves as what we might call “people.” Your species won’t impact how well you can do at any given task, but it will impact your heritage and your social circumstances on the vestige. For instance, a human will bring much less conflict when addressing a member of the Renian inquisition than a revenant will, and an arlam will be seen as a familiar face in the M’Qaran deserts but may be a foreign concept in Ezego.

Let’s take a moment to introduce you to each of these peoples and find out which of them suits you most.

Humans – The most familiar of faces you will find on the vestige.
Harathi – The incredibly diverse people of the wells.
Arlam – The archival constructs with developed sapience.
Revenants – The cadavers of humans and harathi, living once more.