Sets in during periods of exposure to cold, when the body’s core temperature begins to drop.

Submersion in  cold water begins with cold shock (1 minute duration). If fully submerged during this time, you will begin drowning immediately.

After this point, the person may survive in the cold water for approximately 10 mins before losing dexterity. You take -5 on all discipline checks after this point.

After one hour, the person will fall unconscious. If not thoroughly warmed, the person will die within 5 hours of falling unconscious.

After becoming wet, the time remaining before progressing to the next stage continues until becoming warm again.


If uncovered, extremities will begin developing frostnip after 30 minutes in below freezing temperatures

You are now stage 1 frostbitten. Once frostnipped, every hour you remain exposed you must make d10 roll. If you roll 5 or lower you advance in a stage of frostbite

Stage 2: the exposed area turns red. No major damage.

Stage 3: The exposed area turns pale yellow. Minor blisters form several hours after unthawing. These heal in less than a week.

Stage 4: The exposed area turns white. Severe blisters form a day after thawing. This heal in 2-3 weeks..

Stage 5: The exposed area turns black. You suffer permanent nerve damage in the exposed area. Severe blisters appear as in stage 4. Gangrene has begun to set in and you are vulnerable to infection, opening up the need for treatment and potential amputation.



When spending extended amounts of time in hot weather, you will need to keep yourself cool. This can be done by avoiding exposure to the sun and by drinking plenty of water. You must drink an additional litre of water for every hour spent in the sun. If you don’t, roll a d10. If you roll a 5 or lower, you will begin feeling exhausted.

Heat Exhaustion: This is a general feeling of tiredness accompanied by the onset of heat. It is a warning to keep yourself hydrated. After becoming exhausted, every hour in the sun, you will have to make another d10 roll. If you roll a 5 or lower, you will begin suffering cramps. Exhaustion can be cured by taking a short rest in shade and drinking an extra litre of water.

Heat Cramps: This is the feeling of dizziness and the headache that precedes the onset of heatstroke. You take a -1 to all discipline checks and all of your MEAR attributes are reduced by 1 increment. If you do not find shade in one hour, you will need to make an additional d10 roll. If you roll a 5 or lower, you succumb to heatstroke. Heat cramps can be cured by taking an extended rest in shade and drinking a litre of water.

Heatstroke: At this point, your body’s core temperatures have reached critical levels. You are dizzy and can no longer take actions without the aid of another. You take a -5 on all discipline checks. If you remain in the sun, you will fall unconscious after an hour. Every half hour spent in the heat requires another d10 roll. At 5 or lower, you fall unconscious, unable to take any actions. Any further time spent in the heat accompanies a roll on the following d10 table:

1-2 Death
3-4 Coma
5 Organ damage
6 Seizure
7-10 Nothing happens

Heatstroke can be cured by regulating the victim’s body temperatures. After a few days, simple symptoms have subsided, but any serious complications will take one to two months to subside. (note: a 5 or lower results in a miscarriage in the instance of pregnancy).