Each character has a base movement speed of 5 metres per action. Vehicles, mounts, and creatures have a movement speed specific to their type. When moving through difficult terrain, (such as hopping over a fence, or walking over jagged rocks), you use 2 metres of movement for every space you move through.


When Jumping, roll the dice to determine the distance travelled with the jump. From a still, standing position, the distance travelled is equal to your roll divided by 5, rounded down. With a running start, the roll is divided by 3, rounded down


The damage sustained when falling is equal to the number of metres you fell x3 and then -5 (You can not be healed by fall damage however). If this number exceeds your resilience, roll at the brink and add the remaining damage to your roll. Armour does not protect against this damage. Check the chart below to calculate the damage.

1 0
2 1
3 4
4 7
5 10
6 13
7 16
8 19
9 22
10 25
11 28
12 31
13 34
14 37
15 40
16 43
17 46