Horse / Camel / Zebra / Caribou / Llama 2000 lux These standard mounts are capable of carrying up to two riders each and occupy two spaces. They will run away from threats whenever possible and have a speed of 8m.

M 5 E 5 A 7 R 40
Buffalo / Yak / Ox 2000 lux These large, burly mounts will not move as fast as others, but can take more of a beating and carry two chests instead of one (for a total of 40 inventory slots). They occupy two spaces, can carry two riders, and run away from threats. They have a speed of 6m.

M 6 E 5 A 5 R 50
Elephant / Mammoth / Tortum (war tortoise) 10,000 lux These incredibly slow but incredibly sturdy mounts require proper training to use. They occupy 3x3m spaces and can hold up to five passengers. They move at a speed of 3m per action and can don customized armour of any weight.

M 10 E 5 A 5 R 80

Requires rider rank 2

Ligato (war cat) / Langa (war wolf) / Iboni (war bird) / Bugan (war boar) / Hammal (war bear) / War-trained mounts 10,000 lux. These mounts are domesticated and trained for war and are prepared to engage in a fight. Though they require a trained rider, these mounts are more effective than standard horses or camels. They occupy 2 spaces and can bear 2 passengers, one of which must be trained in the proper navigation skills. They can wear customized armour of any weight, and move at a speed of 7m per action.

M 8 E 7 A 10 R 50

Requires rider rank 2

Cart 1000 lux These simple 1x2m carts are dragged behind mounts and small vehicles to carry extra passengers or gear. A mount bearing a cart moves at half speed. These carts have 4 protection and 40 R.
Caravan 2000 lux These covered shelters trail behind two mounts and occupy 2×2 spaces. They can carry extra passengers and gear, but the mounts bearing the caravan move at half speed.These caravans have 4 protection and 60 R.
Vesper Wagon 5000 lux These 2×2 metal wagons are powered by major vespers to move at a speed of 8m per action without the need of a mount. It can hold 4 passengers, one of which requires special training to drive the wagon. This vehicle has 6 protection.

M 8 E 1 A7 R 50

Requires driver

Vesper Rail 5000 lux These small vehicles can moves at high speeds over long distances but are unable to turn without rail assistance or by spending an action to adjust trajectory. They can move up to 12m in any one direction per action. These vehicles occupy 1x2m, can carry 2 passengers, and have 5 protection.

M 10 E 1 A 8 R 40

Requires driver

Vesper Chariot 20,000 lux The chariot is a vesper wagon fitted for battle. It occupies 2x2m and can carry up to 4 passengers, one of which must be specially trained. It can move up to 8m per action and has 6 protection and is fitted with a battle station.

M 10 E 1 A 7 R 60
Vesper Shell 100,000 lux Vesper shells are large, armoured vehicles that are difficult to destroy. They occupy 3x3m and can hold up to 2 passengers, one of which must have the appropriate training. This vehicle has 8 protection and 1 battle station.

M 5 E 1 A 3 R 100

Requires driver rank 2

Rowboat 1000+ lux Rowboats are tiny vessels that can sail over smooth waters and can carry at least two passengers in 2x1m, though larger models can be built. They move up to 3m per action and have 2 protection.

M 3 E 1 A 7 R 30
Vesper boat 5000+ lux Vesper boats are small, energy powered ships that require special training to operate. They occupy at least 2x2m and carry up to 4 passengers, though larger models may be built. They move at a speed of 8m per action and have 4 protection.

M 8 E 1 A7 R 50

Requires sailor

Sailboat 500,000 lux These wind or turbine-powered ships are excellent at traversing open waters. They come in large sizes and will carry many passengers, and will accelerate to high speeds. They have 6 protection.

M 8 E 1 A5 R 100

Requires sailor

Frigate 1,000,000 lux These large sized military ships are designed for mobility. They carry many passengers and will accelerate to high speeds. They have 8 protection and at least 2 battle stations.

M 15 E 1 A3 R 150

Requires sailor rank 2

Battleship 5,000,000 lux These massive military vessels are prepared for heavy amounts of damage. They will carry hundreds of passengers and can accelerate to high speeds. They have 10 protection and at least 4 battle stations.

M 10 E 0 A0 R 300

Requires sailor rank 2

Glider 4000 lux These single-occupancy aerial machines allow those with proper training to glide off of high places. They have 20 R and allow the user to move at a speed of 5m for every 1m drop.
Requires pilot
Sky Lantern 20,000 luxt When flames are ignited in these lanterns, someone with proper training is able to maintain a slow, controlled flight. Their passenger basket occupies 2x2m and can hold up to 4 passengers. They can move at a speed of 5m per action when airborne.

M 3 E 1 A5 R 30

Requires pilot

Airship 5,000,000 lux An airship is a large, many-passenger airborne vehicle that is powered by vespers and ignition. They are employed as both military and civilian vessels and require training to use properly. They can accelerate to high speeds and can fly for two days without refueling. They bear at least four battle stations and have 10 protection.

M 10 E 0 A5 R 200

Requires pilot rank 2