The following is a list of all the materials required for the recipes included in the recipes section, including both their respective costs and where to harvest them. If an item has to be imported from another continent, its cost doubles with most merchants. This is not a comprehensive list of all the materials available in the vestige. As with anything the recipes system has to offer, home-brewing your own recipes and materials is encouraged.

Agave 20 lux This cactus is a common sight among the M’Qaran sands.
Antlers 10 lux Antlers can be found on various forest animals, and can be harvested when they are unconscious or dead.
Ashes 5 lux Ashes can be harvested from a fire sites. Every bundle of wood burned produces one bundle of ash and one bundle of charcoal.
Barley / Rye 10 lux Barley and rye are farmed in Ezego and Lussia.
Blast Powder 50 lux The explosive blasting powder can be mined throughout and beneath mountain ranges.
Bloomwood Bark 20 lux The tree that bears this rosy bark grows exclusively by M’Qaran Rivers.
Bones 15 lux Bones can be harvested from any available carcass.
Chamomile 10 lux Chamomile is populous in Ezegoyan and Renian grasslands, located in meadows.
Charcoal 5 lux Ashes can be harvested from a fire sites. Every bundle of wood burned produces one bundle of ash and one bundle of charcoal.
Clay 10 lux Clay can be harvested from the floor of freshwater sources located inland.
Coca leaves 20 lux Coca plants grow in mountainous regions along the equator and in groves across the steppes.
Cocoa 20 lux Cocoa beans can only be harvested and grown around the equator of the vestige.
Coffee beans 10 lux Coffee beans are collected near the equator in ezego and lussia.
Crown Cacti 20 lux Crown cacti are located in the deserts of north Ren, in the steppes of south Ezego, and throughout M’Qara.
Curare 20 lux This poisonous plant is located throughout Lussian, and Renian forests.
Driplets 20 lux These small, inky fungal caps emit a soft violet glow. They are found in dark, underground spaces near bodies of water.
Eggs 15 lux Eggs can be harvested regularly from both wild and domesticated avians around the globe.
Textiles 15 lux Textiles can be made from various plant and animal fibres, and so can be harvested almost anywhere.
Flour 5 lux Flour is derived from ground wheat, which is plentifully farmed across the globe.
Frost Stone 50 lux This mineral, which bears a strong resemblance to ice, can be found in caves that run beneath mountain ranges and in tundra environments.
Fruit, assorted 10 lux A variety of fruit can be discovered anywhere on the vestige.
Fruit Seeds 5 lux Fruit seeds can be harvested from any fruit or fruit source.
Grapes 20 lux Grapes are gathered from vines throughout the Lussian forests.
Greens 5 lux Edible greens can be collected almost anywhere throughout the vestige.
Hemlock 20 lux Hemlock is located in small groves in grassy climates across the vestige.
Leather 15 lux Leather can be harvested from any sort of hunted wildlife.
Meat 20 lux Meat can be harvested from most sizeable wild animals.
Metal 15 lux Metal of varying types can be found in caves and on cliff-sides throughout the vestige. When working with metal, you must use a heat source.
Milk 10 lux Milk is harvested from pregnant farm animals globally, such as cows and goats, among others.
Mustard Seed 10 lux Mustard seed is plentiful near the Lussian / M’Qaran border.
Nightshade 20 lux Nightshade is found in groves in grasslands across the vestige.
Oil 5 lux Oils can be produced by boiling various plant and animal substances, and so are found almost universally throughout the vestige.
Papaya 20 lux A fruit found almost exclusively in Ezegoyan jungles.
Poppies 10 lux Flowers that bloom in meadows across Lussia.
Potatoes 15 lux Potatoes are harvested from meadows around the world.
Pufferfish 20 lux Pufferfish can be harvested from equatorial waters.
Quicksilver 20 lux Mercury can be harvested from bright red stones found near volcanic formations.
Rice 15 lux Rice can be collected in irrigation fields throughout M’Qara and Ren.
Rubber 10 lux Rubber can be drained from thin trees in Ezego and Ren.
Saffron 20 lux This tubular plant is farmed regularly throughout Ren but can not be found in the wild.
Salt 5 lux Salt can be harvested by boiling away ocean waters.
Sand 10 lux Sand is found by sea shores and other bodies of water and is plentiful in deserts.
Seafood 20 lux All sorts of seafood can be harvested anywhere a sizeable water source is present.
Shoreberry 20 lux Shoreberries grows in tundras near large bodies of water.
Sootherb 10 lux This ambiguously pronounced plant is found in M’Qaran and Ezegoyan jungles.
Stone 15 lux Varieties of stone are found almost universally across the vestige.
String 10 lux String can be made by harvesting a variety of plant or animal fibres, and so is found almost universally across the vestige.
Sugar 10 lux Sugar is plentiful near rivers throughout the vestige.
Tobacco 10 lux Lussia and Ezego are home to tobacco plants, which can be found throughout mountain paths.
Vanilla 20 lux Vanilla is native to the meadows in warm climates in Ezego and northern M’Qara.
Venom 50 lux Venoms can be harvested from any venomous animal after it has been incapacitated.
Vesper, minor 1000 lux A small, energy soaked root. Found in caves near energy wells.
Vesper, major 10,000 lux A moderately sized root, soaked in vestigial energy. Found in caves near energy wells. Typically only one vesper reaches this size during a flux event.
Vesper, grand 100,000 lux A grand, energy soaked root. Found deep beneath within caves near energy wells, usually beneath trees that are several hundred years old. Only one vesper of this size can form beneath a tree.
Wood 5 lux Wood is gathered from any jungle or forest.
Wormwood / Anise / Fennel 20 lux These three ingredients, native to Ezego, are key ingredients in the production of absinthe.
Yeast 10 lux Yeast can be gathered from any fermenting liquid and so is available throughout the vestige.