Humans are a familiar face on the vestige. As the most populous race, humanity has effectively conquered the globe. They have erected or seized near ubiquitous political and social power across the many nations of the vestige, and international powers like the Lussian council span entire continents, delivering protection and prosperity to all within their jurisdiction.

In their privilege, humanity has been given the wealth and the facilities to nurture incredible academic pursuits. They have harnessed the radiation that emanates from the wells to power devastating machinery, expand their lifespan by decades, develop supernatural arts, and bring about the advent of the arlam. The rest of the world can do little but watch in awe as humanity’s enfranchised elite reach higher for the powers of a divine.  

Humanity, however, in their ambitions, threatens to annihilate themselves. They are consistently aggregators of murder, warfare, massacre, and all forms of violence. Aspirations breed conflict, conflict breeds hatred, and hatred breeds strife. Humankind is no stranger to the structures of oppression that they deliver upon others and upon themselves.