Deceit allows you to perform all manners of unscrupulous activities. Pick pockets, lie to others, sneak through the streets, and even kill with deadly precision. The deceiver is more secretive than any other character.


1. Bluff

Prerequisites: deceit level 1

When making a lying check, you can increase your rolls by 1 permanently

Rank 2

This bonus increases to 2

Rank 3

This bonus increases to 3

2. Stealth

Prerequisites: deceit level 1

After hiding, you are able to remain hidden while conducting actions and making rolls that won’t yield a lot of noise or reveal your position.

Rank 2

You can roll again to move around while in stealth. The DC for this roll is the same as the roll made to hide in the first place (an opposed check).

3. Disable

Prerequisites: deceit level 3 and stealth or bluff

You can now roll the dice to unlock doors, chests, and other secure things. The DC for a simple lock is 4, for a basic lock it is 6, and for a complex lock it is 9.

Rank 2

You can make a roll to disable surveillance, traps, and other machines with similar DC’s.

Rank 3

You get a +1 bonus on the above rolls.

4. Dispatch

Prerequisites: deceit level 3 and stealth

While hidden, attacks now inflict automatic critical hits. If the target reaches 0 resilience, roll at the brink on the same attack.

Rank 2

These attacks can now be made non-lethally. If the target reaches 0 resilience, they can be knocked unconscious instantly.

5. Disguise

Prerequisites: deceit level 3 and bluff

You can roll to change your appearance. Anyone who tries to figure out who you are will roll an opposed check. This perk uses your bluff bonus.

Rank 2

You can disguise yourself as someone specific. You will enjoy all the privileges of that person, but people who know them personally will get +2 on opposed checks

Rank 3

You can create camouflage with DC6, which boosts your hiding checks by 3 when worn in the appropriate location.

6. Forgery

Prerequisites: deceit level 5 and bluff

You are able to create copies of documents with a roll of the dice. Simple documents have a DC of 4, and complex documents have a DC of 8.

Rank 2

You are able to duplicate objects as well. Simple objects have a DC of 4, ornate objects have a DC of 7, and handmade or personal objects have a DC of 10.

Rank 3

You get a +2 bonus on all rolls to forge.

7. Dexterity

Prerequisites: Deceit level 5 and disable

You are able to perform subtle actions in plain sight, like sending hidden messages or planting hallucinogens or poisons. You also learn how to conceal small weapons.

Rank 2

You can pick pockets to plant or remove items. You get -2 on this roll.

8. Subterfuge

Prerequisites: Deceit level 10 and dexterity or forgery and disguise

All opposed deceit-related checks get a permanent +2 boost.

9. Lethality

Prerequisites: deceit level 10 and dexterity or dispatch

You are able to kill almost anyone. All attacks from stealth (including critical hits) and poisons both deal twice as much damage.