Athletics allows you to perform physical feats and interact with your environment through strength or acrobatics in various, death-defying ways. The athlete is more physically capable than any other character.


1. Perseverence

Prerequisites: athletics level 1

Ordinarily, each character gets one roll of the dice to try to complete an action, but with perseverance, an athlete can choose to reroll a failed check before they suffer the consequences on a physical task by expending 5 Resilience. These points restore upon a short rest.

2. Push

Prerequisites: perseverance

An athlete with push can make a roll to shift a large or heavy object — such as a large rock, a fallen tree, or a statue — one metre from its current position. The DC for this roll is 8.

Rank 2

These heavy objects can be lifted. Things like lowering doors and falling objects can also be held up.

Rank 3

These heavy objects can be thrown. On a hit they deal 10 damage plus your might and knock the target down.

3. Leap

Prerequisites:  Perseverance

An athlete with leap can perform long jumps, adding 5 to any roll to calculate jump distance.

Rank 2

You can roll a check to reduce fall damage. Reduce the damage taken by your roll.

Rank 3

You can perform a jump off of an unstable surface (like a crumbling floor) or a wall.

4. Force

Prerequisites: Athletics Level 4 and Push or Leap

An athlete can use force to inflict damage on an object and bypass its protection. The damage you deal is equal to a roll of the dice x2. Ordinarily, Fragile objects have 6 resilience and 1 protection, basic objects have 12 resilience and 2 protection, sturdy objects have 18 resilience and 3 protection, and reinforced objects have 24 resilience and 4 protection.

Rank 2

You can convert some of your might into additional damage, reducing your might score until you take an extended rest.

5. Climb

Prerequisites: Athletics level 4 and push or leap

An athlete can climb walls by rolling the dice. The number of metres climbed is equal to the roll divided by 3. This roll can be repeated to scale heights, but rolling a critical failure results in a fall unless perseverance is used.

Rank 2

You can convert your agility into a roll boost. This also ensures that you don’t get a critical fail. Every point of agility used this way reduces your agility until you take an extended rest.

6. Strength

Prerequisites: athletics level 5, push, and force

An athlete who trains in strength will get a permanent +1 boost to both push and force rolls.

Rank 2

This boost increases to 2

Rank 3

This boost increases to 3

7. Acrobatics

Prerequisites: athletics level 5, leap, and climb

An athlete who trains in acrobatics will get a permanent +2 bonus to both leap and climb rolls.

Rank 2

This boost increases to 4

Rank 3

This boost increases to 6

8. Fight

Prerequisites:  athletics level 10 and either strength or both force and climb

An athlete with an instinct to fight can use their might score to boost their rolls to grapple while unarmed or to break free from a hold or a trap.

9. Flight

Prerequisites: athletics level 10 and either acrobatics or both force and climb

An athlete with an instinct for flight can roll dice to boost their agility score to avoid hazards, traps, and surprise attacks.