You are taking heavy damage and your resilience has been reduced below 0. You are at the brink of death. Every time you take damage hereafter, you will roll on this chart with a percentile dice. Damage continues to deplete your resilience score, and that number increases the value of these rolls.

1 Rolling a natural 1 on the brink (regardless of your current resilience) resets your resilience to 0.
2-10 Your armour is broken and falls from your body. You lose its bonuses until it is repaired.
11-20 You are shoved 1 metre in any direction by your attacker and are knocked down. Your weapon flies 2 metres farther.
21-30 Your attacker tears one of your bags. It is broken and its contents are emptied. Fragile items break.
31-40 Your attacker’s strike winds and staggers you. You lose all energy and have -1A until rest.
41-50 The attacker can choose to break an appendage. This takes 8 weeks to heal (reduced to 6 with treatment)
51-70 You are knocked unconscious and are immediately incapacitated. Most attackers will give their attention to other threats when this occurs.
71-80 The attacker inflicts a deep wound somewhere on the body that will need immediate medical attention. (1 week stable healing time). This will form noticeable scars.
81-90 The attacker can choose to sever a minor extremity (such as an ear or a finger). This will need immediate medical attention. (8 weeks stable healing time).
91-99 The attacker chooses to strike somewhere on your body with devastating damage. Lose an arm or a leg, go comatose and suffer memory loss, suffer paralysis and become paraplegic, the result of this roll is life changing. Seek medical attention immediately or perish. (8 weeks stable healing time)
100+ You die brutally and instantly.