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Pink clouds on a lavender sky.


or, why the heck am I here?

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to my little blog experiment.

I’m Paolino (or Lino for short). I’m a second generation mixed Italian settler living on the west coast of Turtle Island. I’m a queer artist and advocate with a primary education in visual art but an interest in too many things outside of it. Feel free to take a look at some of the other places I practice by clicking the “elsewhere” button on the menu.

I’m beginning this blog to share progress updates and reflections on projects I am working on. This will mostly include my work in games, but my hope is that this will also be a space where I can share a lot of other sexy gay stuff I’m working on. I’ve been playing tabletop rpgs for (good Lord) ten years now, and making them since a year or two after that. Some day I will have to catalogue all of the weird stuff I’ve made in that time.

In the past few years I’ve started my own page and even signed on with Sweetpea Gallery — both of which have welcoming places to share some of this work. I tend to experience a lot of blockages in the process of engaging in these spaces, however. I am the kind of person who will start lots of projects, then get them to places where they feel “good” but not “complete” enough for public consumption, and then I forget about them. This, of course, is partially just an outcome of fumbling around as an amateur in spaces whose primary function is to act as a market, but it is also just related to my executive dysfunction which impacts every part of my life.

In truth, the real drive behind this blog is to try and grapple with my particular neurodivergences. I’m hoping to use this as a process space. I like to, as my friend Ty might say, noodle around ideas; my guess is that by using this blog as a space/archive of these noodlings, I can create clearer intermediary steps between starting and finishing a project that might build a little more momentum in my brain.

I call it an experiment for this reason, though: I don’t know what kind of results it will yield yet. This is my little testing ground, and my hope is that it will work for me and, as a result, will last, but I make no promises.

Thank you for all of the encouragement from my many blogger friends. I’ll be sure to share some of their works through here somehow.

See you around in PinkSpace 💗